Is it normal pick me girls annoy me?

For clarity: a pick me girl is a woman that tries to one up her female friends to get male attention/validation. It annoys the ever living fuck out of me but at the end of the day I understand where it's coming from so it's just like *deep sigh* is it normal? Anyone else?

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  • Yes, I also known men like this and that's not much appreciated either. I have had male freinds who throw me under the bus to get laid. I had tail throwing themselves at me I didn't want but I was never trying to court anyone who liked me. Most of the time they found me sweet, intelligent or physically cute I suppose.

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  • If a woman has to do that in order to get male attention, it's because she's unattractive somehow to begin with. Attractive women are assertive, yet humble.

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  • I would be annoyed at that too.

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