Is it normal people always try to ask me for money?

I work retail, and make 21 an hour, but I budget every stupid little thing I pay for like bills and food. I use my credit cards to pay for things, but I pay the balance back right away so I get the points. I also save a little money every paycheck. I've been deemed responsible by the unemployed, materialistic jackasses in my life and they ask for money from me. Despite being rejected, they still try. They all seem to have a habit of quickly spending all their money on fast food, drugs, and material objects they don't need. Once that instant gratification feeling they get is over, they realize they ignored their bills and pester people for cash with tantrum ridden sob stories about how they're mentally ill, they've got past trauma, using race to justify why they're broke, or some other horse caca. I've been ghosting them all one by one. They want all sorts of nice things but don't want to put in the effort to get them.

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  • i was ridin through the hood in east charleston years ago and beheld a homey in a spotless bright red track suit with matchin sneakers and a gigantic gold chain with a six inch gold dollar sign hangin from it

    he was standin at the bus stop

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  • Could you Venmo me $3?

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  • I had a druggie co worker years ago who was always broke and he gave me his ps4 controller in exchange for a pack of cigs, I still have that controller to this day.

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