Is it normal not to do any chores at all?

I still live with my dad and looking back I never do any chores of any kind around the house. When I'm asked to do the dishes I forget about it or only do half of it.

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  • I'd say the real world is gonna kick you in the ass then someday. Best to take the initiative now and start contributing. Can learn a lot of life lessons by getting your hands dirty and completing tasks

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  • Congrats on growing up - in chronological terms, anyway - to be a spoilt, entitled brat due to you having been born to incompetent, short-sighted parents.

    I don't know how old your father is, but it's likely your inability to perform basic domestic tasks won't be a major problem for you for a few more decades, since you're probably the sort of son who only leaves home when their parents get hauled off in a hearse. Enjoy your unpaid domestic staff while you can.

    But if you don't like to see yourself as a useless waste of space, then the solution is pretty simple: figure out what you can do to keep your home in whatever state of cleanliness and tidiness that your father deems necessary, and make it a point to give him a hand with that without him asking you to do anything.

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  • So, basically what you're saying is that you're a lazy, freeloading, spoiled little asshead. Got it.

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  • Not really you should help out with some things and when you move out you won't be prepared for anything since you aren't used to doing chores so it most likely won't turn out very good

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  • You are basically a spoilt brat and complete waste of space by the sound of it. You don’t state your age or how long it’s only been you and your father, but by the way you’ve written, it sounds like you have lived just the 2 of you for some time and that you are now an adult (in age if not in maturity).

    I fail to understand why your father has allowed you to become such a waste of space, maybe it’s a guilt thing on his part, overcompensating for your mother not being around. Maybe he has just given up getting on your case but doesn’t want to live in the slobbish state you seem to consider acceptable.

    Whatever the situation you clearly recognise your behaviour is unacceptable or you wouldn’t have written this post. So, why not do something about it and grow up a bit and start doing your share of the housework.

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  • How old are you?

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  • I dont know how anyone can live like that. I work 2 jobs(quite happily) and still find time to cook(though I suck at) keep a clean place dishes included spend time with a boyfriend though my besty gets neglected due to conflicting schedules. Plenty of sleep and proper hygiene. I'm even considering looking for a red job tbh.

    Moral of the story, you need to live your life better cause holy cow..

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    • With work ethic like that you should have played sports. Usually the most successful athletes long term are the ones that put in the most work.

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  • Hows your work ethic at your job?

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