Is it normal my register keeps coming up short?

Register keeps coming up short. Usually it will be short if you drop too much. However it balanced out to 100 and was still short. Everything was paid for so it shouldn't be short. I can't figure out where the shorts keep coming from as everything rang up was listed in the register. I wondering if this might be due to the fact the register keep processing cards but not fully putting the money in the register. I not sure what to do since the shorts seem to be there regardless of the register being 100, and everything being paid for. What else makes a register short? This doesn't usually happen. It's usually over by a couple of sense cuase people don't ever want thier change. It's been doing this for past week.

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  • I had the same problem at my old job, except it only happened when the district manager would visit our store. Try keeping track of who's on your register throughout the day and see if you can get surveilance footage if your job has cameras.

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  • Someone has sticky fingers and are taking your "sense". Sorry I had to

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  • Somebody's been tapping your till when you're not looking.

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    • You think someone has been using my till number?

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  • I worked at a grocery store years ago, and though there was no proof of it, it was widely suspected that the person counting the tills, who was a relative of the store owner, was stealing money from them.

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