Is it normal my friend thinks she is a demon?

My friend thinks she is a Demon.

She literally believes she IS a Demon.

1. She gets offended when you call her human.
2. She makes these chirping sounds when she cuddles people
3. She cuddles people by nuzzling they under the neck
4. She makes these moans when she’s frustrated or confused or playful
5. She growls at people... not all the time. And honestly she has a pretty fierce growl
6. She thinks Hell is her home and loves Satan
7. She lays down like a dog on his master bed with her... uh... paws tucked under her
8. She LOVES it when people call her a beast, or amoral, or demonic, or a monster.
9. She loves everything occult and loves all these horror movies and the horror genres. She says it feeds the demon in her
10. She also goes onto this site called Bestgore I think? She says it feeds the demon in her and calms her down.
11. She is restless, impatient, and rather curious of “human kind”
12. She only falls in love with other Demons she reads about in mythology or any fictional character who is a Demon.
13. She finds her ‘urges’ hard to control. I think she means her vocalizations.
14. She has a tendency to crave organ meat.... a lot
15. She actually has a stable job, friendships, family, and takes care of several animals.... so she’s not inept.

I think she knows deep down that she is human. She has lived a really rough life and is just trying to escape it.

I looked this up because I was curious if it was some kind of escapism and I found this thing called Demon Kin in the Otherkin classification, where people actually believe they are spiritually demons. They know on the outside that they are human, but their identity is something that is either a non human animal or other worldly.

Is it normal that this girl believes she is a demon. She is 27 years old. I can see if she was an edgy teenager but she isn’t anymore. However, she said she always felt this ways since she was 5.

She’s my best friend and I do like her for who she is. I think this is just one of her quirks. But I wanted to make an anonymous post on here and ask if anyone knows if or what this is...

Is it normal?

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  • It is called 中二病 in Chinese.

    It's very, very normal. Something that many teenagers experience, but some adults experience it as well. They think they're something that they aren't, sometimes they think they are characters in books.

    When I was in Grade 5, I had a friend who believes that she is a dragon. She has extreme contempt towards basically everyone whom she doesn't like. She thinks that human is an inferior race and she wants to wipe it out.

    She also thinks that she has the ability to program people's lives, basically to control their life span. She thinks that I have the ability as well although I don't really think I have.

    She also plays with invisible mushrooms with arms and legs. Actually I was the one who made it up for her,'s actually very fun to talk with her and I can randomly make up things just for fun!

    I had been the only one in our year whom she trusted, because...I don't know. So here's a summary of what happens between us:

    She: I'm a dragon.
    Me: Oh okay.
    She: You're a dragon too!
    Me: Umm...okay?
    She: You know that stupid human we saw this morning? I don't like her; I'll decrease her life span by 5 years.
    Me: ...Yeah, if you want to.
    She: -picks up a blob of air- Here's a chocolate flavor mushroom!
    Me: Oh nice.

    You can imagine the rest...

    It's really normal. Some thinks that they are mermaids and some thinks that they're Gods/Goddesses. I once found someone asking, "Is there a spell to turn you into a mermaid? BTW I am also a witch" on yahoo answers. I suppose...that's also someone with 中二病 lolol

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  • Your friend is obviously some kind of otherkin, but reading what you said she acts like, she seems more like some kind of hellhound. I would suggest talking with her about it, and accepting it as best you can. You should ask her her name, I don't know about otherkin, but therians always like when you call them by their therio name:)

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    • Oh! You’re right. I’m not sure if she even has a Therio or Otherkin name. But I should totally ask! Maybe I should do a little research on Hellhounds myself.

      She also doesn’t really believe in physical entities. Like. Do forgive me if this sounds confusing, but she more believes in Demons as spirits. She does not believe in Christian devils or demons. (But she does love the astetics!) she thinks Demons are more other worldly manifestations of energy, chaotic energy, that exist in the unobservable universe. And these little bubbles of energy mingle amongst each other and have effect on all around them.

      For example, today is Valentine’s Day. Typically, she hates it. But she still feels the energies of those around her. She said that the energies of today with all consciously aware creatures were in great power, and therefore affecting the energetic entities of the spirits. Considering she feels very connected with these things, she was more flirtatious, loving, energetic, and exceptionally affectionate today. So basically she said it was like a possession. (But not some entity that takes over your body, more like the energies we’re having significant effect on her)

      I think it’s pretty cool! What do you think?

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      • Yea! I Defenetly think it's cool, I love meeting and talking with people that have a connection to the astral plane or another plane. Its really cool to listen to others experiences with it. Especially the people who do it regularly, I'm not completely sure if it's real, but I've heard from people that could travel there in meditation that it's like a whole different realm!

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        • That’s great-!! I’m not sure about the astral plane thing, I’ll have to look that up!

          And she also told me that she is a Nogitsune. Or a demon/field fox! Not a hellhound :)

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  • So she has a flair for creativity, I see nothing wrong here.

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    • This is what I was thinking as well, some of the more creative people are pretty interesting ones! So long as she isn’t going to hurt anyone, I see nothing wrong as well.

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  • Pretty sure demons don't cuddle. I think its pretty normal for people to create someone or something, like an alter ego for a variety of reasons.

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    • Of course lol XD

      And yeah. I think it’s pretty healthy for her. Escapism is neither good nor bad. So I think as long as she’s happy and is functional, then she’s ok.

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  • She.sounds very....creative.

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