Is it normal my dr said i need to drink this much?

Just hot home from clinic, dr gave me antibiotics and me I need to drink 8 glasses of water?! To clear out my bladder infection. Seems excessive I drink like 1 glass a day normally with other stuff. Is this legit or bogus medical info?

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  • Your doctor told you something and you are looking for second advice on this site? You need to go see the doctor again.

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  • Listen to your physician.

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  • Not excessive at all. I easily drink twice that a day

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  • You get water not just from straight up water but the water content in other beverages and foods you eat.

    8 cups a day is "standard" recommendation but the BEST guideline is thirst... If not that, how often you urinate (4-6 times a day, and the urine should NOT be clear, that's too much water.)

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