Is it normal my brother is allowed to do anything he wants`?

My younger brother is allowed to do anything he wants, he gets trusted with everything and no one speaks up against him really because he was in a rough patch years ago.
However if I do the tiniest thing that isn't approved of I get guilt trapped, ignored and called names.
I've always been good, never even went through puberty like other kids do and have a rebellious phase. I feel really close to blowing up at times though because i've repressed my anger for all my life but I can't even imagine if I showed any anger i'd probably get disowned or something.
And i've had way more rough patches than my brother. Been in therapy twice and didn't make friends until my early 20s while my brother has always been popular and had many friends. I love my brother so I am not bitter at him for it, it's not his fault. I just feel like I get to take all the heat.
Even as kids he was the saint and I always got blamed for things even if it was his fault because "he never does anything bad" yet I saw him pull mean pranks at people constantly. What was the excuse then?
There was none.

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  • Not normal. I’d recommend researching narcissistic parents and their “golden child” which it sounds like your brother could be.

    You don’t say if you’re male or female but a common pattern I noticed on r/raisedbynarcissists was that the scapegoat child was often a girl and the golden child her (normally younger) brother.

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    • It’s almost always that way I’ve found. I really hope I can identity why so I’d be able to avoid it happening around me.

      My sisters were incredibly impressive in everything they accomplished, but my mom was always more harsh on them instead of my brother who deserved to be hung in the town hall.

      But also in vice versa, my father was harshest on my brother and I, which could be less noticeable in most families because fathers aren’t often as involved as mothers are.

      It’s a really troubling family pattern. Should be talked about more often, but parents are the /worst/ people to try to give advice to, which is another shame.
      “It takes a village to raise a child” is an excellent proverb.

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    • Yes!

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  • Yea the youngest is always the baby and is always babied.

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  • Sounds like you come from a dysfunctional family not unlike many others here in the Is It Normal community. Narcissistic parents play favorites with the golden child, and make the more sensitive child into the scapegoat/black sheep.

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