Is it normal i use sunglasses to hide my face?

In shops I feel intense anxiety spIke quite frequently and I feel my face burn up hot and I start internally feeling this panicky feeling then fear washes over me.

It usually spikes when someone comes up to talk to me or even if I'm with a friend and we are close and we are making eye contact. I quickly put on my sunglasses because I start freaking out people notice my face going red (not sure if they notice it)...

I feel so awkward cause I can do it midway in conversation but it helps calm me a bit...I still wonder what people think if I'm wearing them or start putting them on my face mid way through conversation is it normal and would I look stupid ?

I feel calmer outside but eye contact can still spike my anxiety sometimes depending on the person/situation...

I feel it in enclosed spaces like other people's houses, shops, malls etc...

When I'm complimented I go red and feel ...awkward....I don't like being Centre of attention

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  • I use my hair to hide my face, I look cuter that way. Shops always bug me. Appearintly I dress like a thief cause ever time the perspon behind the counter just states st me and watches my every movement. Li ke dude I'm just here for twizlers and junk I got money relax

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    • Haha! Same! Something about the emo hair really seems to panic old ladies behind the counter. “Damn juveniles delinquents!” 😆

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  • You're just shy and perhaps wonder what other people think of you. Low self-esteem?

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  • I wear sunglasses to complete the douchebag look I'm going for. Greaser hair. Shirt with 3 buttons undone, jeans, businessy shoes and aviator shades. Slick as grease!

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  • I hate people with sunglasses because I can't see if they are seeing me.
    It Rob's me of the pleasure of glaring at someone who is watching me.

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  • Well they were called hater blockers back in the day.

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