Is it normal I feel exhausted by how my parents are now Old and always Sick

I feel a wide range of emotions despair, pity, fear, overburdened, guilt e.t.c. I don't know what to do, i don't know when and how this will end.

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  • Of course it's normal, especially if you're an only child. It's the circle of life though..they take care of us when we're young and eventually we end up taking care of them when they're old.

    Just try to stay positive and don't stress yourself out. Maybe you should go see a therapist; they may be able to help you with some suggestions to reduce some of the emotions you're dealing with right now.

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  • You need to get some help with this, it's not fair or ultimately supportive of your parents for one person to be carrying this heavy burden.

    Do some research on services and support available for both your parents and you: respite care is one way you can get a break for yourself, talk to their doctor/s, community nurses, local council, social workers. Don't be put off by anyone telling you're selfish to hand some of the responsibility over to others: you won't be much good to your parents if you fall apart from exhaustion and can't take care of them at all.

    Obviously if there are other family members who can help out, ask them to do so or if they can't help, to assist financially so you an pay professional people even for a few hours a week and get a break .

    I commend you for what you've done so far: I hope your parents realise how lucky they are to have you caring for them, most children don't/can't/won't.

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