Is it normal i drink every day

I'm forty this year. Never been a big drinker. Just in 2022 I've been super stressed esp my job. I drink every day as soon as I come home. Between 2-4 pm. I only have 1-3 drinks never more. I don't get wasted or get hangovers. Is this normal? Am I an alcoholic or just using it as a coping mechanism?
Do you guys drink because sometimes life sucks?

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  • Being an alcoholic is like not being able to stop drinking no matter how much u hate it.
    I dont drink much anymore but i used to like having a little buzz like everyday back in my 20s

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  • I'm in the same boat. I drink a little later in the evening, but same amount. Never wasted or hungover either. I've been doing it for a lot longer though... I don't know if you live alone or not, I live alone. I know it's not considered healthy to drink alone, but (not a doctor!) I think it's normal according to me. Plus my family has a history of all this too, so I have company there.

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