Is it normal i don’t care that someone died?

So my friends dad just died tonight but I don’t care, like I literally feel nothing about this. I’m worried somethings wrong with me cause I just don’t care

Am I crazy?

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  • Just consider it will happen to you eventually and how it would feel if your friends didn't care when it does happen.

    There's not much you can do but try and be there for them if they need it but try and have some empathy too

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  • If you didn't have a personality close relationship with this person I think its normal, even if you had someone in common. If you were actually close I think its not. There have only been 2 deaths in my life where I have actually felt something, my dog and my grandma. I don't really think we are wired to feel sad for strangers or acquaintances when they die, death happens inevitably and all the time

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  • If you didn’t know their dad very well then your reaction isn’t surprising or worrying, there is no gap in your life, you just now have the knowledge that he’s gone.

    I’m in a similar situation myself, except it’s my dad’s friend who passed last week. I feel sad for my dad and his friend’s widow for their loss but although the deceased was a nice person I only met him a handful of times and am not in mourning myself.

    What’s important now is to let your friend know that you are there for them.

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  • It is normal that someone who isn't close to not care.

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  • Shock or they just weren't a that close friend

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  • He could of given him a card or something.

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  • It isn’t bad, I’m guessing you don’t care because you didn’t know him personally and his death doesn’t much impact your life? I’m often the same way.

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