Is it normal i’m a pretty average person yet have no friends?

I was never super low on the social totem pole but these days I have no friends besides my ex-girlfriend (we agreed to stay friends after breaking up). I don’t really get lonely but am sometimes insecure about how others perceive my social life. Mostly I prefer to be alone. Is this normal?

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  • I’m here if you ever need a friend

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  • I think that most people who say that they have loads of friends are only exaggerating because most are just casual acquaintances. In my view a friend is someone you can rely on, who would come out in the middle of the night to help you or would stand by you in times of trouble. I can say that I have many acquaintances but just one or two who are real friends.

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  • It’s normal here apparently, but it’s not healthy.

    People say they don’t like friends, are not social, yet they talk to and befriend people on the internet all the time. It’s contradictory.

    They are just replacing in person interaction with lazy, safer, easier interaction.

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  • I think it is normal for now a days. But now a days are not normal. It seems to me that everyone is content with being alone but still want friends. But As long as you're content with being alone you won't make the opportunity to develop a friendship.

    Plus with how the world is right now everyone is hiding who they are because of fear. So it's hard to make friends.

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