Is it normal for someone to self-harm just to get scars?

I know someone who does this and want to know what i should do.

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  • See if you can get them to seek professional help.

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  • Yeah, there is a lot of drama queen attention seeking garbage out there.

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  • They want to show others that they are in pain .
    Just be a friend to them .
    Give them a hug if you can .

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  • self harm isnt exactly "normal" in any sense, but yeah, that is a reason to do it.
    personally, i used to self harm for the marks. that wasnt the only thing but it was part of it. the idea of my pain visualised brought relief. like, because you cant see emotional pain, if i have those physical marks, it makes it real.
    self harm is horrible. i wish i never started. NEVER

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  • Scarification is actually really pretty.

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  • Ive done it and its not a good idea. I also had anorexia and panic disorder.

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  • Tell them to move to the country and go fencing. I have like 40 little scars all over my body. I have one a quarter inch linv below my right nipple havent thd foggiest what it's from nor the inch and a half on running down my left thigh. Its perfectly straight far as I can. Most my scars are. Mystery to me. I blame all the barbwire I handled

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  • Not normal. Usually self harm is to take away mental pain, not to want scars

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