Is it normal for an obese person to smell foul?

He smells bad sometimes & I don't know what to say to him. In the past he would talk about needing to excersize. I gave him lots of advice which he ignored. In the past he has become upset when people told him he has a weight problem. He takes everything the wrong way or thinks people are attacking him. I can not be around him anymore because his all around attitude & neglect of self is a total bummer. I tried telling that to him but he took it to heart. He told me basically to deal with my problems before dishing out his. He is lazy and even admits it all the time like it is supposed to be funny. But he keeps going downhill. No improvement and does not try. Doc put him on heart/BP meds at young age. Still not off meds after some years. It has gone to the point where he now makes fun of his situation & I do not know what to say to him when he does that. Am I supposed to play along with his jokes? Hes not like disabled stuck in the house kind of obese. But I'm concerned. By no means am I a perfect person. Hey, nobody is. But he made me feel like I'm the one with a serious problem. We were pretty close at one time. But I just can not stand his personality anymore. It has gotten old. What to do?

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  • What heart medications is he on? If he's on statins for cholesterol issues they can cause weight gain, inertia, exhaustion and depression as well as other negative effects.

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    • They're for high blood pressure. He was obese and had other issues before the medication though.

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  • #NotAll fat people smell, but there is a correlation I've noticed. Might be something to do with sweat accumulating under all the rolls.

    I don't think it's disrespectful or hateful to want better for him, you sound concerned for his health and how he is living. Sometimes that might sound harsh to fat people, who see genuine concern some kind of an attack on their "fat identity". But it is what it is, he's very unhealthy and people around him are naturally going to notice.

    He probably needs help tbh. I don't know why there aren't clinics for the obese the way that there are for anorexic people really. Both are eating disorders and probably linked to mental health issues.

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  • It appears you don't respect him and he doesn't respect you or himself.

    Sounds like a recipe for mutual misery.

    If you enjoy feeling miserable and disrespected, hang around.

    If you don't like that, then accept that he's not going to change and either try to alter how you see him, or go spend your time with someone else.

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  • I think that it is not about being obese.

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