Is it normal for adult woman to fangirl over bands 24/7 on social media?

I'm social media friends with a woman I came across as a teenager and she's the most obnoxious person.
I fangirled over bands like that as a teen and I can still get obsessed with a band but I don't sit and rant about it online I just listen to them a lot.
She however constantly posts about her bands and writes dumb shit like "as you all know I am a metalhead but I just LOVE this *insert pop group or rock band* so much" she constantly has to clarify to everyone how much of a metalhead she totally is though like some kind of emo kid having to post edgy shit all the time to prove their emoness. Also writing about "getting over" certain bands and writing in detail about how she had to do that to make room for a current favorite band and decorate her entire apartment with their merch and inbetween these posts there's just general thirsting over her male physical therapist and I remember she used to tweet about her BDSM-kinks like wanting to get choked and shit. I remember she had online drama with her ex ages ago, dont think she's managed to score a new dude since and she is pretty desperate because I remember her constantly whining on social media about being single and needing someone to tie her up or some shit. She really thinks she's quirky too for liking a bunch of old bands and she probably has to assure everyone she's metal all the time because the majority of bands she listens to aren't in fact metal plus she just looks like your typical girly girl who dresses in pink shirts and flowers. Most obnoxious person on my friend list but pretty entertaining also.

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