Is it normal do the ladies at church sometimes show a bit too much cleavage?

I have notices this at time lately. What is like where you attend. Do you wonder what they are thinking? Should you say something?

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  • Clearly I'm going to the wrong church.

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  • It gets hot in the summer at my church so there is usually more cleavage shown. Only the old woman ever complain about it though. Frankly as long as you are in church who cares what you look like in my opinion.

    It is come as you are after all.

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  • Showing increasing amounts of cleavage has become so common it’s almost boring.
    Exposing the areola is the next logical step in oneupmanship.

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  • I seen my share of church clevage or church boobs on Sunday no big deal. @nikkiclaire you are so right about the prude wives and their husbands.

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  • Guys will look, but nothing wrong with a woman showing a bit, or even, a lot, no matter where she is. I went to a friend's kid's confirmation thing, technically in the church basement but still in church, and picked up my hot older sister from her part-time waitress job at a bar/pizza place along the way.

    She was running late and didn't have time to change into regular clothes, so, re-did her makeup and hair in my car and kept on the low-cut, tight, tits-exhibiting uniform, saying "This is just going to have to do", even though knew she was displayed very well up top (she called her tips "titty tips", b/c knew why guys tipped her well). We got there, said our hello's and all that, and every guy in the buffet line either stared, tried talking to her, or complimented her. I did overhear a few catty women saying things like, look at her, how inappropriate, this isn't a bar, etc. Best thing was, sister didn't care one bit and always said she was proud of her body.

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  • If I see a pair of tits, I'm not going to say anything. It's none of my business what they wear. I will sneak a peek though. XD

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  • The only time I wear a bra is in Church, but if someone would like to look down my dress, then no worries. Church goers are human after all.

    Btw, who decides if it's "too much" and what on earth would you say to them?

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    • The biggest looker-downers are the teen boys, about 14. But I wouldn't blame them, it's not entirely in their control. But a grown man knows better.

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  • I never go to church, my head would start spinning around on my shoulders while was projectile vomiting.

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  • Who are you to judge?
    Go be muslim or something.
    God created the body.
    Adam and Eve were nude 24-7.365.
    Think god never walked in on them while adam was giving it to her doggy style?
    ( be with you in a minute god, just about to bust one off )
    " Shame " and the need to be dressed was ONLY after the fall.
    A consequence of sin.
    God never intended clothing.
    He could care less if someones boobs are out.
    Its man that views it as sinful or sexual.
    So glad I stopped going.

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  • No they don't no church wood

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  • I don't know, I've never been inside a church.

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  • I used to dress too sexy for church. I mean, its not ideal but i dont think its a catastrophe.

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  • Why are you looking, lol???

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  • It’s like stop showing that! No one wants to see it in God’s house!

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