IIN, "if you become a janitor, you'll never get another job"?

I was between jobs and living at home. I was sending out a wide net of applications and one of the jobs I got a reply for was janitorial. It was lower-class than I was comfortable with, so I decided to ask my parents first if it was a good idea. Maybe I should just suck it up?

My parents looked at me like I told them I wanted to make my living by simultaneously selling drugs and blowing people, and in a much darker and illicit fashion than being a gay pharmacist who happens to have a boyfriend on-site. It wasn't a long conversation, since I didn't want to take the job anyway, but the main sentence I got out of it was them saying "you'll never get another job". Just the fact that, from what I've seen, I would have been the youngest janitor in the city was enough to make me look elsewhere.

By the way, this happened about a couple of years ago, I'm doing a lot better now. How true is that statement, though?

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  • Oddly this post made me laugh.

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  • I don't understand. Why would they say that?

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  • If I'm an employer, I'm going to employ the janitor over some unemployed kid who did nothing but jerk it at his mom's place.

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  • you sound like a bloody icon

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  • There is nothing wrong if you are a janitor. It isn't a low class job. Are your parents from a third world country that still has a caste system? And just what high class jobs do your parents have?

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  • And here I thought many of the most stylish chic trendy best-known celebrities in the world moonlight as janitors...

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  • Nah. Some jobs just have a stigma about them, even though they're perfectly normal jobs.

    For example:
    1. Lawyers = Liars
    2. Strippers = Prostitutes
    3. Janitors = Creepy

    ... and the list goes on. Though these aren't always true, and you can make money doing these jobs or more, the reputation that surrounds them can be intimidating, and often times off-putting.

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