I write poetry

People from the past
Everyone who's passed

I sit and reminisce
All the people i miss

Stress free past
I wanted it to last

I am all grown now
Left all alone now

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  • I'm no expert so I will just say this:

    Some poems are crude,
    They are really, really rude,
    And they're written with intent to cause offense.

    Some can make you cry,
    Even though you don't know why,
    Is it just because they're sad or really bad.

    But I have to tell you now,
    That your poems not that WOW,
    And it's never going to find you any fame.

    But if it's just a bit of fun,
    It's not hurting any one,
    That's my opinion,
    But I'm just a wife and mum.

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  • "My Uncle Billy had a 10ft willy & he showed it to the man next door.

    He thought it was a snake, so he hit it with a rake & now it's only 3ft 4."

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  • There was a young man from Nantucket
    Whose cock was so long he could suck it
    He said with a grin
    As he wiped off his chin
    "If my ear was a cunt, then I'd fuck it"

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  • roses are red
    fuck you

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  • There is no question being asked
    So why'd you even bother
    Your poem was worse than my Grandfather's
    Your poem sucks and so do you
    Sorry not trying to be rude
    That's all I've got for right now
    When you read this don't have a cow


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  • Nice, ad in to being alone now
    It's vacant

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  • What's the point of this question if you are asking its good or not then yeah its cool & if you are asking its Normal then idk what to say
    Well keep up

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  • Is there a question anywhere in there? No that is not normal.

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