I worry that people can read my thoughts

For as long as I can remember I've thought that people were reading my thoughts. Whenever I heard someone laughing behind me I was sure that they were mocking my silly ideas. Even if there's no one near by, I still feel that I need to protect mind. I've never considered wearing a tinfoil hat, there's no way it'd help.

What's particularly aggravating is that I'm sure that they aren't very good at reading my mind, so I'll explain what I'm doing/thinking out loud to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

I know it's irrational, but I still freak out when I think people are invading my own thoughts.

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  • Stay off the Acid dude

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  • People cant read your thoughts. Thats all that needs to be said. :)

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  • Paranoia. Schizophrenia. Being scared that people can see your thoughts are linked with those psychological problems. (I used to get them all the time until I started medication)

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    • I don't usually hear voices though. And even when I do I can almost always immediately tell that they aren't real. I've never had any sort of hallucination so compelling that I believed it for more than a couple of seconds.

      And I am pretty sure that schizophrenia doesn't start until the teens at least. This is something that's been happening since I was five, at least.

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  • I think you should try the tin foil hat.

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  • I cant believe the current response is that 70 percent think this is normal. Wow.

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  • For some reason I sometimes think my mom can read my mind. But then I realize I started having those thoughts after my friend told me "Mom's know everything!" XD

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  • anyone who mentions a TINFOIL HAT is a tool.. so this is a dumb question. stop trying to get into other people's heads through computer coding and get a life! what are you looking for??

    *if im wrong.. you can blame it on the same problem I have with humans.. (schizo, much?)

    *if i'm right, i'm a hero!
    i'm willing to take that chance ;)

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  • Haha. Me too. I just can't get over it. I blame it on Twilight.

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  • XD
    haha i have that exact same fear...
    like you i think that people are laughing at what im thinking. you probably just over analyze situations like i do.

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  • when i was younger i used to kind of think the same things. Like when i was alone i would act differently because i thought someone was secretly watching me like a movie. But i grew out of it. Maybe you will too?

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    • How old are you ? :D
      You reminded me that I'm used to be like you too :D I think about one year ago I still had the same feeling like you, wonder whether others can read mind ? But now I don’t

      Moreover, even now, I still have the same feeling as Dream_Catcher789 had, that when I'm alone I think someone can be watching me like a movie. And this person probably is whom I have a crush on :D
      And sometime, when I go on a street, I sometime have the feeling that someone is following me haha. Again, I think this person probably is whom I have a crush on
      I know this is like paranoid but I often laugh myself and think my imagination is so “damn good” haha

      By the way, I’m 20. I think I won’t have these feeling anymore soon ^^

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    • Yeah, but I literally think people are reading my mind. It's different from thinking people are spying on you. I worry about both, but I never feel as terrified about the prospect of someone spying on me.

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  • Actuly. This woman came up to me and my friend once. Told us our names and things we liked. At first we thought she was a stalker, but she went straight upto someone else and did the same thing. And the look on the mans face was shocked as where ours. The posiblility of telepaphy isnt that farfetched. There is a posibility that one day it could be used as a communication method. If we evolve enough to learn it.

    I doubt every one can read you're mind though. If they indeed where hearing you're thoughts it would be more likely you where telepathic and channeling you're thoughts into their minds. Try to forget about it though. Their probly just laughing at something else.

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  • believe it or not, there are people who can read mind.

    i don't know about tinfoil hat, but you should try hang your feet while you're sitting, try not to put your feet on the ground.

    i always do that when i don't want someone to read my mind. But the funny thing is, one of my best friend (who really can read minds), said.. there's nothing you can do about it.. the feet hanging thing, it just wont work.. hahaha

    thank God she's my bestfriend who i'm not keep any secret to.

    So, my suggest to you is that, you shouldn't be worry too much. People who can read minds are usually nice people, they wont laugh at your back, believe me. You just be honest with your mind, they would understand. Hahaha...

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