I worry that my loved ones will die a painful death everyday?

I painfully wait for my loved ones to arrive home safe after constantly worrying they would die a tragic death. I'm scared of police showing up at my door to announce their death. I always tell them to be careful and not forget certain things.

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  • Did you know if there was a solar flare pointed in our general direction there would be no way of knowing until it hit earth and scorched away all life?

    You can never know when a sudden death will happen. Best you can do is teach them so they can prevent avoidable deaths.

    Stressing about it will only make your life hell. Theres nothing you can do. Best you can do is repress that feeling of discomfort and trust your families general willingness to stay alive.

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  • u gotta just stop doing that

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  • They always come back, puppy. Stop spreading kitchen trash around the house.

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  • Same here

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  • Most of us will die unconfomfortably.

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  • If anything DOES happen, be glad that it isn't you.

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  • I worry a lot about my family as well, especially my elderly family members, probably more than I should, as it's not something I have any control over and worrying does no good. However, simply "stopping worrying" is so much easier said than done. I'm better about it than I used to be about it, but I'm pretty much a natural worrier. I worry about my pets a lot as well.

    However, all we can do is let them know how much we love them, spend as much time with them as we can, and if you're religious, pray for them. Reminding them to be careful and not forget certain things is good as well. The rest is pretty much out of our hands, unfortunately.

    I really wish I had better advice or something that could ease your mind and bring you comfort, since I hate worrying too, but I eventually had to come to a point to where I realized worrying only stresses me out and doesn't prevent anything bad from happening, so I try to just not think about it. Again, I know it's much easier said than done and it doesn't totally eliminate the worries, but I find it's something that you just have to eventually come to the realization about on your own terms. It's hard to explain.

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