I want my best friend back

Hey :( I'm very sad rn because my friend told me that he likes me I said I just want only friendship and then he left me . Now I regret about it and want him back cus I think I like him too , what should I do ? Just leave him alone and never text him again or text him about my feelings? (He lives far away from me we were friends online)

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  • You should make sure what you really want and how you really feel first.

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  • When people don’t answer my phone calls, I’ll redial till they do. It’s an 87.4% success rate.

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  • happens to me all the time. It means they don't really care about your friendship at all. They just want to get in your pants.

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  • Well I dont know how long its been but if he told you his feelings recently then just text him and ask if you can talk to him about what he said and that you have thought about it. If it's been a while well it's possible he has moved on by now but you could always try.

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