I wanna date someone who already knows me bcos it's easier

I'm so sick of starting over with new people and trying to explain myself and telling them all about myself etc. The possibility of them leaving when you get close because it turns out you're incompatible etc.
I have several male friends and they've all expressed emotions for me at some point but nothing has ever happened because I haven't felt the same.
I've only kissed one of them but it didn't go anywhere because I didn't want it to. We're complete opposites. My other friends I have no attraction for, not because they're unattractive because they're not but because they're my friends.
I have one friend whom on valentines day decided that we should date now - out of the blue - but he's my least favorite friend whom I talk rarely to. I don't really even count him as a friend like I do the others. So i'm not desperate because in that case I would've taken up on his offer. I just miss a relationship.... And with both my exes I never got close to them. I'm so shy and open up so slowly, we were almost like strangers acting like a couple in a way... My friends they've had plenty of time to get to know me and I them, and they've had plenty of time to prove they're trustworthy and that they accept me with my flaws too. But you cannot force feelings.
And you can't force compatability that goes beyond just friendship, but I really wish you could. In a relationship with someone I was already close with we'd already have that deeper connection I long for with a partner.

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  • i cant imagine dating someone i dont already know tbh. like we'd have to be friends for at least a little bit.

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  • Date your brother or mom or whatever. There is no perfect compatibility except in movies.

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