I think that he might be mentally slow

I added a guy from a dating app on snapchat.
He said after talking for 2 hours that he likes me and he's never gonna stop talking to me:DD. I was like.... Who talks like that, but okay..
Then I went to bed and he told me to text him in the morning.
I didn't because it was the weekend and i'm not a psychopath who goes up early unless I have to, but he had texted me at like 8 am.
And he usually doesn't just text me once but sends several snaps even if I haven't replied to the first one.
He seems like maybe he's a little "slow", but it doesn't look that way because he looks fine (kind of attractive even) and he dresses fine and he has a job but for example he asked me what I think of him and I said he seems nice and he replied that "I am very nice:D". He also said that one of his hobbies is taking pictures of himself and he then pretty much meant in snapchat. So he thinks that sending a pieace of text over your selfie in snapchat is 1. taking pictures of yourself as a hobby, 2. that snapchat is a hobby. He also doesn't really know how to use some basic social media apps... I guess that could just be that he doesn't care for social media though, but who knows...
Also the way he seems so excited to be talking to me almost like a fifth grader or something in the way he shows that excitement. It's hard to explain.
Maybe I am judgmental. I just think that the way he talks is kind of odd and i've been around "slow" people before so I know how they talk. Then again maybe he's just a bit socially awkward/inexperienced for some reason or something else. It just makes me question if I should keep talking to this guy. I probably have to meet him to know for sure.

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