I think i should break this really bad habit

I think I should keep away from people I am romantically attracted to or just physically. I will say this and I don't judge me but when I have HUGE crushes I tend to...sorta stalk them- Not like I know everything about you stalking. But I happen to know your whole class schedule so we can bump into each other stalking, but still I never talk to my crushes, well the huge ones. When I do talk to my HUGE crushes, I tend to embarrass myself, like REALLY embarrass myself to the point I won't look you in the eye. My HUGE crush at the moment I have decided when the next semester starts during August, I will ignore them, but hopefully we will have mostly the same classes. GOD PLEASE!
Still, I only learn my HUGE crushes schedule, my minor crushes I know I will get over real fast, but my HUGE one's it may take a year or five- YES I HAD A CRUSH ON SOMEONE FOR FIVE YEARS! I'm now over it, thankfully. Ugh...I need friends, or a life-
I think I should get rid of the problem and I can cause I've done it before many times, but when someone catches my eye, once every two years or five I get HUGE crushes, but of course I have my phase crushes, that go away the next day just like that. It's not a huge problem, but I think I need to get rid of this bad habit or stay away from people.

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  • Teenage hormones! Don't be ashamed uwu

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  • Crushing on someone can be a bitch. Last dude I crushed on played with me. Sorta. He had fun with the fact it seems I mean. Took me a long time to get over him. Thank god I did haha. Plus I mean a crush is someone you want to be with but cant but that natural desire to want to be with them tends to lead to more encounters than you would naturally have otherwise. I'd say pretty normal or maybe we are both just damaged.

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    • Yea, I know in a sense I mostly crush on guys that are like WAY out my league and know that they rather date a football than me-
      Im one of those type of people who can be a bit polly. (Fall for people really easy)
      But the way I act towards my huge crushes is creepy.
      I'm an awkward high schooler so I'm damaged as much as a teenager can get-

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      • Dont worry adulthood is just as fun. The key is to remenber to not sexually harass them. Shit even offering hugs when there down is considered harassment. I unofficial warning on that one. Really hits you hard like fuck I'm that person? So yea just be careful. Otherwise it's not so bad. Guys calm down a little in adulthood so it's easier to find a good one

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  • Imagine someone else is your crush and practice talking to them without embarrassment then you’ll be able to build up a friendship and eventually relationship with the crush.

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  • "I am the son
    And the heir
    Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar
    I am the son and heir
    Of nothing in particular"

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