I say weird things i don't understand when i'm drunk?

I say strange things when I'm drunk that embarrasses me. Once I wake up the next morning I just can't find any reason why I would say such weird things? I constantly surprise myself of the weird things I do in my life?

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  • I heard something recently that some chemical reaction in your brain makes you feel intense “shame” the next day. It makes sense Bc I won’t do anything to be shameful for but the next day it’s all the think about. But the day after that, I’m like, fuck it.

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    • Saaaame man. Especially if you have trouble sleeping at night and you are sobering up and you just lay there and think

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  • Last time I got cross faded same thing happened to me. I was talking to my friend and she has to alert me that everything I was saying makes 0 sense. Even when I was fucking thinking about shit I wouldn’t even remember what it was, or wtf it even meant. If that makes sense

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  • I am a weird thing when I’m drunk.

    Also sober.

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  • Sounds like you get blackout drunk.

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  • That's what happens when you're drunk.

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