I really like horrors like chucky?

I like seeing the blood and gore! It's something I always look forward to. I like seeing deep cuts and the bone showing. I like when they scream for their lives and then get their throat slit.

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  • Same here. That is totally normal by my standards.

    I love horror.

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    • I'm neutral on horror but doll possession is a no go for me. Especially ventriloquist dummy's the one from goosebumps still creeps me the fuck out.

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  • If you’re mainly in it for the gore then you should look more for slashers than plain horrors. Personally I don’t like when characters die through no fault of their own (which is my main issue with the later saw films) but different strokes for different folks. Enjoy your bloodbaths

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  • Im not big on gore unless its jokey and so silly it cant be real. Dead Alive? Evil Dead? Hell yeah.
    Chucky is more comedy imo.

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