I peed while being eaten out

I have a boyfriend that I met in my college English class. I'm 19 by the way. We have been dating for a while, and I was at his place the other week, say, 2 weeks ago. We were making out, and he ended up eating me out. I was kind of zoned out, so I felt the fealing that I was gonna come. I let it out, but I ended up peeing for a few seconds. I stopped the stream. I pulled his head away, and and I saw him swallow it. He didn't realize that I peed, so I didn't tell him. The next week, I was being eaten out again. I told him to keep going for as long as possible. I had the feeling again, but then I got an idea out of curiosity. As he was licking and slurping, i slowly let my pee dribble into his mouth. I emptied most of it into his mouth, but the he decided to move down to the hole that's 1 inch away. I couldn't go to the bathroom, so as he was eating my butt, I let the rest of it out onto his hair. I don't have a thing for pee, but he didn't realize what he was swallowing, and it was easier than going to the bathroom.

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