I never wear knickers

for some reason i cant stand wearing anything like knickers,thongs or anything like that.

i just wear nothing even at school and even if im wearing a skirt and once a boy looked up my skirt and saw my pussy.

but i hate wearing anything like knickers is this normal.

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  • a male teacher spoted me and did t say anything and stared at my vagina which was annoying but thanks for the advice i dont need underwear

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  • My sister never wears underwear when she goes out.

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  • to be honest, don't worry about it. It's a personal choice and can even be deemed to be a healthier choice too as this area is able to breathe and refresh easier - and during the summer, you'll certainly feel much, much more comfortable.

    Although it is no-one's business, however what I would say is, be discreet. People are too quick too judge and will have make presumptions on this choice.. especially men. So never show of what you've got in public.

    Secondly, from a personal point of view, I think it's sexy. You take your girlfriend out to dinner, and she tells you that she's got no knickers on.... She knows that you can't touch her until you come back home and that heightens the sexual tension... Good stuff.

    So is going commando normal.. Well, only if you want it to be, there's nothing wrong in it. But just be careful.

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  • Wish all women were like you...let it breathe is what I say. My wife sometimes goes without hers at home and it really turns me on.

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  • I never wear underwear. I haven't worn any for about 20 years. There is nothing wrong with it and it is way more comfortable.

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  • Just be more careful with your skirts. And clean your vag good! Else people will start making weird faces..

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  • Okay, for a girl that is really hot. Women don't need underwear like guys do as it is all "inner" and not flopping around as it does for guys. I think you are fine and even with a skirt, you are okay.

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  • Yeah...you should really wear pants if you're not going to wear underwear. I mean, if more and more boys at school look up your skirt and see your pussy, you're going to get the slut reputation, trust me, pants only!!!

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  • kinda, but u should were pants then

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