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I added my ex on instagram. It hasnt been that long since we stopped seeing each other... It was the second time we tried to date. Tbh we both are very into each others idea of each other. He has everything I want and everytime we'd argue he'd use that fact and say that I should keep in mind everything that he can offer me.... Eventually I had enough because i'm not a trophy wife.

We've had good moments so I wanted to try and reconcile but got thrown off and hurt by what I found out when he accepted my follow request which is when I got access to the accounts he follows. He's back already with the foreign woman he was in a secret relationship with prior to us dating for a second time. He told me the reason that ended was she's very not his type, she has a small kid and he CLAIMED he doesnt want children in at least 10 years and that he never loved her even though he tried. Anywho they both suddenly follow a nearby daycare's instagram account... She doesn't even live in this country.... I knew he was desperate for a woman (even though he always went on about totally not being desperate) because he is the type who "wants it all". Is she moving here ?! Why did he accept me back into his life then ?!

I haven't texted him because what would I say, confront him for lying to me ? Even though I always end up hating him because he's so intense always creating drama and falls for the idea of me but no patience with real me. We are incompatible. I do think we could manage to be friends though. IF we could both stop falling for the idea of each other. I think this for various reasons i'm not gonna mention but things aren't all hell with him, he's been there for me a lot. I just think we are not meant to date... But i'm not sure I can be friends with someone who has lied to me. I don't wanna just delete him again though. That'd look so petty or like I just wanted to snoop on him...

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  • It's okay babe, just had a breakup too, will probably add him back on instagram as well in another month or two to be friendly.

    Sometimes they say excuses for breaking up like, oh I'm not in love with her don't worry, oh i won't go back to my ex, but who really knows what's going on. Sometimes other women do cause issues, who knows what is going on with him, sometimes they say stuff to avoid the topic or conversation or ignore it.

    He probably just accepted because no hard feelings & wants to be friendly.

    You don't have to delete him, can just mute or ignore if you want then delete him later if you want. Do try to keep your mind off and don't obsess tho. I got ANGRY at my ex for doing similar thing and following back a bunch of women, it's helping me ignore him.

    Also, every time I've tried to contact an ex to be friends right after, it HASN'T ended well. They become COLD and I PROMISE it may hurt you a bit more. I regret texting him to be friends but I did it within the first month. I would WAIT at least three months or so. If he's creating drama in a relationship he doesn't sound like a real man, you can do with someone peaceful.

    I'm sorry but this definitely happens!! I would start dating again and get back out there

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