I miss prodigy

Does anyone remember Prodigy? It was a wonderful chat site. It was free and you could go to subjects or make one ogf your own. You could make chat rooms that are public or private to talk to people about anything. I met some gret people who became life long friends. It was a great site and I wonder if anything like it exists now? Does anyone know?

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  • No I thought you meant the band :/

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  • Prodigy was a paid online service like CompuServe and AOL before it became a website. I subscribed there before it was even connected to the Internet and I made a lot of friends, even married one of them. That didn't last, but one of my dearest friends is from way back then.

    It was owned by AT&T and Sears, if I remember right, and it lost them a lot of money. So they started charging their users - their SUBSCRIBERS, who were already paying $9.95 a month for this service, an extra $0.25 per email or forum post. Needless to say this killed their communities and Prodigy never recovered.

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  • some kinda weird lookin 5 sided lopsided star logo?

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