I Made out with my best friend

Right so around 2 years ago me and my friend(we are both girls) kissed as we hadnt kissed anyone before, so we were trying out. then we ended up licking each other out. But we hadnt spoke about it again.

Then last night, we were flirty and we were tickling each other, then she asked me to kissed her neck, so i did, but one thing led to another and she started to kiss me, we kissed a few times then she started to get horny (so did i) and it got rough and wild. Then lay on top of me, kissed me from my neck down to my chest. then took off my bra and sucked my nipples and played with them, she kissed me all over, but started to go down, i stopped her as i hadnt shaved and was soaking wet. She also tried to finger me, but i stopped her, we rolled about kissing fastly, then we got up and got dressed, and spoke as if it didnt happen. then around an hour later we lay in bed again watching TV, she asked me to tickle her back so i did, and i started to tickle her neck, my eyes were shut and i felt her turning round and started to slowly kiss me again, then it got wild again, she lay on top of me and we kissed each other rapidly, then she groped my wet vagina, then we lay down again. After that it was awkward and i couldnt wait for her to leave this morning, but its all i can think about. i want it again. but i am not gay, She has had sexual experience with a male, but i have only kissed boys. I want to have sexual experience with boys but i am pretty shy. I am attracted to boys and think im straight, but watching women makeout gets me horny. Even thinking about our make-out makes me wet. Is it just trying new things, Bi-tendencies or could i be bi or is this normal behavior??

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  • am i the only ome who got a boner reading this???!!! no but seriously experimenting and shit like that is normal....

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  • I'm a girl & I wish I had a friend like that, im straight too but I always wanted to experiment

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  • Hahaha I got one too

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  • that's cool. I got a boner reading this as well

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  • I have a friend just like this! How did it turn out with you guys?

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  • You're definately bisexual.
    And yes, it's absolutely normal.

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  • Im a tomboy and this is normal. Been there done that. Just try and dont fall inlove

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