I'm going to report my neighbors to police

They smoke Marijuana and it smells the whole place up. Landlord does nothing but give a warning. I HATE the smell of it.
I feel like calling the police (it is illegal where I live).
It is taking all my energy not to report it to police.

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  • Potheads don't respect non-smokers in my experience.

    Weed smells like skunk or cat shit to me. 🤮

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  • Every party has its pooper.

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  • They can do a freedom of information request and find out you called. I lived next to rednecks growing up and the other neighbors would call on these redneck neighbors and the rednecks had a rivalry with them that lasted decades. The rednecks found out they called through a FOI request. (Freedom of information)

    The redneck neighbors even sent their daughter to go fall out of a tree in the other neighbors yard and they sued the hell out of them and bought a boat. Then the other neighbors retaliated by calling animal control anytime the rednecks german shepard got out. It was a shitshow. I do my best to get along with all coworkers and neighbors.

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    • why do the police have to know it was her? she can anonymously report them. if the cops ask who’s calling she can just say she would like to remain anonymous to avoid any issues with them but it still bothers her

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  • its obnoxious & retarded that anyone who lives in apartment in this day & age dont know about vape pens

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  • They should be chilling out without making a ruckus. Like it's not hard to make a deodorizer for your puffs.

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  • I'd just call rm. Fuck those people

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