I like listening to japanese music i don't get?

I always listen to Japanese music and I don't understand a bit of it! Is it normal that I mostly listen to music in a language I don't understand?

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  • domo arigato mister roboto

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  • Yeah, I don't watch much anime, but when I do I always really enjoy the intro/outro songs.

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  • Yeah totally normal I do that too.

    "Kodomo no goro obaachan ni. Nedaru to tamani kureta. Yofukashi shiteru no to. Onaji kurai dokidoki nee... "Like what does that mean??? Who knows. Not me.

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  • Yeah, I do that too but I also get curious about what they're saying. The only ones I do get is when they emphasize the English words.

    Like for e.g. in 24 Hour Cinderella ( a song from Yakuza 0 )

    The lyrics:

    素直に I LOVE YOU! 届けよう
    きっとYOU LOVE ME! 伝わるさ

    I still can never understand even when they emphasize English words but I guess it sounds cool.

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  • I sometimes choose music in a language that I don’t understand on purpose. Because I get distracted when listening to something I understand, which makes music in Japanese or French a perfect background music when I focus on other things

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  • so do I, except I do know Japanese. I also sing covers of Japanese songs

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  • How something is sung is often more important than what is sung.

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  • I don't like listening to music I can't understand, because that's how you end up excusing moral garbage with "but the song's catchy".

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