I keep having dreams involving fears of mine and people from my past

For the last several weeks, I've been having a dream almost every time I sleep, and while most don't make sense and I forget about them not long after I wake up, the ones I do remember all have a common theme; they involve fears of mine, and people from my past (some that should stay there and some that I just haven't seen in forever. Is there a reason for this, or is it just a coincidence?

I just woke up from a nap in which I dreamt that I came home to my house on fire, and was frantically trying to find my cat and a way to put it out. I kept searching for things to put it out, only for them to be nowhere to be found, and kept crying for the people with me to help me, only for them to tell me they were too busy on the computer and that I was being overdramatic! The rest of the dream is blurry, but involves meeting up with several people I haven't seen in years.

I've had a few dreams about people I don't want back in my life and would rather forget about, trying to come back into my life and make amends.

Another dream involved me walking into my job and there being huge spiders everywhere, with me trying to go back out of the door and becoming tangled in a huge web, grabbing onto a family member and begging them to kill the spiders. I am an arachnophobe, so woke up and had a hard time falling back asleep with this one.

I then had a pretty pleasant dream about someone I haven't seen in over a decade, who I always liked, but lost contact with, and have worried about recently based off of news I got about their mental health some time ago. We had crossed paths again and they were doing well.

It's just weird that while I almost never have dreams (or at least memorable ones), I keep having them and there are very similar themes. I was frustrated the first week because I was having a great, positive week in real life and then kept having dreams about people I have no desire to have back in my life. Now, it seems to be mostly about fears, with the exception of the nice dream. I wonder if there's any reason for this, or it's just a coincidence. Could my mind just be trying to dump out all of the negative?

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  • No it's not normal to be a weirdo to the point that everything is weird to you, just be normal.

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  • It's normal, I'm sleepy right now and I need my second coffee.

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  • Very normal but a recurring dream means that you're being called but not picking up the message. You need to contemplate this dream in depth to discover the meaning, which only you know.

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