I just can't do shit

Okay so i am just curious bc i wanna know if this is something that happens to other people too or if it's a problem I have. Maybe it even has a name i don't know. Help me please.

So i just can't do anything, like at all.
Whatever it is that i have to do it takes me ages to start it. It's not that i am procrastinating bc i don't wanna do it, I sometimes really want to do whatever i have to get done but my brain just, doesn't let me start.

Once i started the task i usually can get it done efficiently and pretty quickly if i am inspired/concentrated but it just takes me so long to start.

It's not laziness either.

Is just.

My brain won't let me.

And it could be applied to studies, or work, or projects, even stuff i enjoy like playing instruments. I have fun doing it but grabbing the instrument and just preparing to play something takes a tool out of me.

And sometimes it's also about stuff like going to the bathroom. I can be 1 h holding it in bc i just can't get up of the sofa to go pee. Like i just prolongue it for no reason.

It's so hard to start a task.

Do you guys know anything about this?

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  • It sounds like it might be executive dysfunction, which is common in people with ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. It might be helpful to see a psychiatrist if you haven't.

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    • Their brain probably won't let them do that either.

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      • 1rst u gotta point
        2nd that's kinda funny
        3rd i am just too scared to ask my parents (not a minor but i still live with them)

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  • maybe you have adhd?

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  • I actually suspect that I have ADD. I feel like I probably slipped through the proverbial cracks when I was a kid, and now that I'm in menopause the problem has kinda gotten worse.

    Whenever I'm in any sort of business meeting I'm pretty sure that my eyes glaze over, and I dissociate. It kinda hurts my brain with how boring it is. I have a hard time paying attention to things I'm not interested in at all. When my mother, and sister are on the telephone talking about meeting people online it is hellish for me.

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    • Same for me. Like i really wanna pay attention to what people are saying bc i care about them and what they are telling me is important or bc maybe it's something important for my studies or my job or something but i just!! can't focus!

      I just zone out soooo much

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  • Did you have Covid? Your mental issues clearly fit into some of the common Long Haulers symptoms.

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    • I haven't catched the virus yet

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