I have low empathy

I've gotten told I can't see things from other peoples points of view and that i'm extremely harsh to friends, not hesitating to cut someone off for good if I feel the tiniest bit of disrespect but I never realize if I acted disrespectful.

I've had situations pointed out to me but I still need it explained why what I did could be percieved as hurtful and often I still don't get it and think they're just being silly.

Often people don't even tell me they're hurt, they just act passive aggressive and that just pisses me off because they are clearly only doing it to be rude, otherwise they would tell me the issue and I am not going to bother with people who act rude on purpose. What a waste of my time.

I snap at anyone who criticizes me but if I criticize someone else I expect them to take it like an adult. I don't criticize people often though, I avoid it because it might cause arguments and it might hurt someone and I feel bothered when someone gets upset. Most of the time I just fake being nice. I want to be liked. I don't tell people negative emotions and if a friend acts in a obnoxious or embarrassing way that catches peoples attention I let them do it. Once I let a friend ask me a question I hated for a very long time and eventually I said "stop asking me that it bothrs me a lot" and my friend felt so bad to have bothered me all that time and I got told by someone else it was insensitive I didn't say that earlier so my friend didn't need to feel so stupid but I dont see why. I acted like it was fine because I didnt want to be percieved as rude, and for my friends sake.

I am not mean though. If I realize I hurt someone I care about I feel very guilty and bad.

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  • You need to work on your communication skills.

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  • You're "friends" are manipulating you and trying to make your life shit, fuck them. I know some piece of shit is going to comment about how you have low empathy or something, and I would ignore them. I'm dealing with the same problem.

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  • I think you already realize there is a problem. It's up to you to find a fix for it. You are pushing people away. Communication is key. Finding an acceptable way to explain without hurting others is important. You don't want to end up alone, without friends, broken family relationships and try to play the victim.

    On the other hand if you are being played and you feel it in your gut. Then np you sound strong enough to cut the crap and move on.

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  • Same

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  • You sound fine to me. Cutting someome off that you feel is being disrespectful to you isn't a bad trait. Obviously you should be polite if they're being nice though and not cut them off. And passive aggressiveness is a girly trait. I get annoyed when men act like this. It's girly to me.

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  • Is this Somenormie?

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