I hate it when people waste my time..

I'm the kind of person that likes to get things done quick and easy with no distractions. I don't like it when people sit around talking /taking their time when something far more important needs to be done. The faster it's finished the better, so that I can rest and have time to myself. So when People try to take my whole entire day up by planning events after events, I will end up in a bad mood and throw little fits even though i don't really have a tantrum in front of them.

Some people i know only do this because when the days I do get time off i do nothing at all and they must assume that i'm being lazy so they want me to "do something active". I also hate it when people "my roomate" approaches me and they just go on and on about random bullshit. For example, my roomate talked to me about batman and i don't care about Batman. That's a child's thing to only be interested in, so pathetic. So as I was about to leave the house to get myself dinner, i was standing outside the door while he fucking rambled on about seeing batman at the movie cinema and suggested i go sometime too.

I didn't show i was annoyed but I was getting close to snapping at him because I don't have time to talk to him and I want to hurry up and get my dinner, come home eat and that's it. I do have anxiety so i'm wondering if that's why i hate wasting time or am i just being arrogant.

Before you assume anything, my roomate is white by the way.

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