I had a weird dream last night

In my dream, a scary looking woman was staring at me inches from my face. I knew I was dreaming but couldn't wake up. I could hear myself screaming but still couldn't wake up. After 20 or so seconds of screaming, I slowly regained my eyesight and ability to move. It really freaked me out...

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  • Sounds like sleep paralysis. Unfortunately it wasn't an experience with the supernatural like I thought with my first sleep paralysis experience.

    Sleep paralysis can make you feel like you're hallucinating or hearing things that aren't really there. From what I understand it's when the chemicals in your brain are released to prevent you from acting out your dreams, except they're released too early before you reach unconsciousness, so you're semi-awake but can't move and you can have the most immense feeling of fear during it.
    I believe it is where "The hag" folklore came about.

    Funnily enough, my first experience involved a figure who I couldn't determine was male or female but had a long black overall cloak, pasty skin almost entirely covered in pasty blonde/white long hair. It was the most horrified I had felt in my life. I kept trying to scream for help but apparently I wasn't making a peep.

    I used to have sleep paralysis pretty frequently. Had it the other night as a one off but the usual trend is that I have it consistently for about a year, then not at all for a year, rinse and repeat. My partner tries to bring me out of it when they notice the little twitches of my hand against them, or the extremely low volume noises I can muster out to get their attention to help me out.

    Sleep paralysis is a really big pain in the ass. Sometimes it makes you feel too afraid to even try to sleep. Hopefully it doesn't happen too much to you and this was a one-off. :)

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  • Years ago I had this dream that I was in the middle of a ghost town at the phone booth, the phone exploded as I was talking on it and I died with the phone booth and couldn't do anything in this dream.

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  • I take full responsibility if you see a creepy demon figure staring at you in the middle of the night. >:)

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  • It ain't pretty, I can tell ya that. Apparently its common for people to experience it at least once though, so fingers crossed it doesn't kick in at some point. xD

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  • This was a lucid dream, a very scary kind if you don't know how to handle it. And the woman is your critical mother who scared you to death when you were little. Take the message snd use it.

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  • i dreamed that i had a security guard at the house and he turned out to be paul mccartney so i told him that i prefer the rolling stones

    its a bit hazy after that

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