I get lost in my own little world for hours?

I often go into my own little world for a matter of hours. It feels like my own anime/drama that is going on in my head. I can spend hours and hours in bed exploring the world I live inside my head. I really like this imaginary world, better than the one I live in.

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  • You might be a little autistic.

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  • Ehh I mean, if you are spending hours just daydreaming and never really going out and living your life then I would say that that is not normal. There is nothing wrong with daydreaming unless it interferes with your daily life. I have a similar problem where I will rock in my rocking chair for hours listening to music daydreaming. Honestly I’m not sure it’s completely normal if you are doing it for hours.

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  • You are above normal... If everyone spent some time in their own mind, then we'd understand more about so many things. They say we only use 10% of our brain... So for those of use that explore every detail, we (yes I'm saying we) understand a little more then those who don't use their brain except for what has been engraved in them. You know your mind better then anyone else will ever know themselves! Be proud! Stand out! Let the haters continue to hate! They jealous... And I think 'normal' means doing/acting/thinking in your own comfort. Comfort fir each person is different.. therefore normal should not be so defined.

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    • Thank you for your comment, I really like it.

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  • May be lucky to have such an ability, if it makes you happy

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  • I am sometimes in my own world, constantly putting images of things in my head but added to my world.

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