I find that men’s bodies are generally ugly?

I’m a woman with a somewhat strong aesthetic attraction to biologically feminine bodies without a sexual or romantic attraction, especially those with hooked noses or a bumpy nasal bridge. Muscular, chubby, and hairy ladies are cute too. Women are often balanced, having a full, flowing body; curvy near the top, dipping gently in the middle, and then curvy again until they taper to the feet.

But men? They have awkward, lanky bodies when uncovered, weird muscle and fat distribution and incomplete looking. Why no ass (rhetorical)? Teeny hips and then a wider but non-curved (no boobs) upper body, the transition doesn’t feel right. And penises are just fleshy protuberances, I never want one inside me. The hands are often odd too but I can’t put my finger down on why (bad pun, sorry).

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  • Normal to have your preference. I wish I could find one of the genders ugly. XD

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  • I get it. Women are beautiful and feminine bodies are works of art. Men can't grab the spot light in the same way. Women have so many shading qualities about their bodies that men just can't compete. Anatomically and aesthetically, women have more attractive qualities.

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  • Maybe.

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  • You're around the wrong men!

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