I drink 25 ounces of wine within 25 seconds on average

I usually drink 25 ounces within 25 seconds. I quickly feel the symptoms if I don't eat and drink much beforehand. I pass out and completely forget what the fudge happened!

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  • How is that even worth it? You waste money on wine, you ingest an ungodly amount of empty calories, and you don't even stay conscious long enough to enjoy the feeling of being drunk, let alone remember it

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    • Honestly I have found to be unable to get black out drunk. Though I think its because I'm so much of a lightweight I just puke myself back down to a manageable level of intoxication.

      I'm a boring drunk. I like to get drunk and watch anime. Preferably alone.

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  • Wine tastes gross and reeks.

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  • Your drinking wrong. Get good Whiskey. Chill it. Use whiskey stones. Ice cubes are trash all they do is melt and water it down.

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  • I use to go buy one of those cheap 1.75ml wine bottles and just chug the entire thing in seconds and then go do something. Makes me gag just thinking of drinking those now. I cant drink the whiskey anymore either. Idk how I use to drink whiskey. I used to love that stuff.

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  • just get cheap vodka if youre gonna do that

    poor vintners puttin all kindsa efforts into their products only to have that shit happen

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