I don't know if i have an alcohol problem?

I'm not an alcoholic but I do spend a lot of time with alcohol. Recently I got drunk 3 days in a row and it's becoming impossible to convince myself to not buy more alcohol at the shops. I'm perfectly capable of not drink any alcohol for a month but it's kinda addicting right now. I guess alcohol is an addicting drink and it will be hard to get off it. Any advice? I think I'm a few drinks towards addiction.

I think drinking is my substitution. I'm broken and drunk.

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  • First step is admitting so you're not there yet. Good luck. There is help out there when you're ready 💜

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  • If you believe you have a problem then you might.
    Me personally I'll admit I drink alot (probably5-6 days out the week), but it's not because I need it or want it, it's because i be bored (truthfully). I smoke cigarettes also so I feel the hand to mouth thing is a habit for me. Whether it's food, cigarettes, or drinking.
    I think I've asked a question like this before on here but I honestly feel like I'm not addicted just a sad/bad habit.
    If I say I don't wanna drink, I won't, even if a friend tries to 'pressure' me too. I've turned them down plenty of times. It's a me thing.

    It might be just what your going through right now, but just keep an eye on it- lol if that makes sense.

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  • You need to try to only drink on the weekends. Get a membership at the gym instead.

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  • Yes you have and alcohol problem, even though you have extended periods of sobriety. You’ll probably find that they become few and shorter. Get help with it now.

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