I ditch people when they get into a relationship iin

I know they're going to ditch me because relationship always becomes priority over and above anything else sadly.

Before they get a chance to walk away on me I ditch them first by stopping hanging out then gradually quiting communication.

I don't care if I'm left with 0 friends iin

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  • I dont ditch but I do fall back. Me personally its weird being the third wheel and my friend will try n get her guy friend at the time to bring a friend but i dont want to even be bothered/meet the person. I could honestly care less.

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  • It depends. I do with certain friends that I KNOW will strain our friendship for their relationship

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  • Sounds like lowkey abandonment issues.

    Understand that when people enter relationships, they're not purposely leaving you behind. We're animals. Once those brain chemicals release, we become hyper-focused on our partner; due to this, we'll be glued to the other and have sex a lot, basically procreating without care. It's nature working its wicked magic to ensure the survival of our species. Haven't you've noticed that once the love-high wears off (months or a year later, give or take), they break up?

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    • yes I think my abandonment issues stem from someone I fell for who walked over me and didn't want to be with me.

      Yeah I know that but I can't stand being a shadow in one's life nor will I take being ditched again. I don't want to be attached to a moron who will fuck off for a retard

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  • You don't take many chances in life, do you?

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