I can't take a dump without laxatives?

I literally can't get myself to take a dump no matter how hard I try. I need to use laxatives to soften my stools.

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  • You need to see a doctor! You also need FIBER!

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  • 2 shredded RAW carrots every day with white vinegar! Salt and coconut oil if you want! Trust me it's a game changer. The laxatives are no bueno.

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  • Drink strong coffee and take magnesium citrate. Works for me.

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  • Get some fiber in you and drink a fuck ton of water. You'd be surprised how much easier being properly hydrated makes it to shit.

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  • I found out that I am Fiber-Supplement years old this year. They are gummies and are delicious. Now I can poop normal again.

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