I can't ever see myself in a relationship iin?

I can't see myself with anyone...ever...

I been on numerous dating sites but haven't actually met up with anyone. Their pictures don't look apealing and I just don't think I'll feel anything anyway. I am by nature a friendly sort of gal so it's not by lack of trying or meeting new people as I have had a ton of friends through my life so far. I'm 24f :)

I had one mild crush on a work mate once whom was a girl, a tad crush on my driving instructor/a guy but it wasn't anything amazing when we made out. I liked him but I feel it was more admiration.

There was only one else person my heart was with and that was my long term friend and ever since her I struggle to develop strong feelings for anyone else. She's always on the back of my mind when I question if I should date.
I always wished she was the one but it were not meant to be.
At the same time I feel lonely.
I have never had a relationship and the company would be nice I guess but I also feel like I'd be kidding myself if I were to be with someone, they're going to be my second choice and my heart won't be in it 100% so I feel uneasy about it.

Sadly that's the truth, anyone gone through similar??

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  • You're searching for a replacement, instead of getting over your feelings for your friend.

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  • It sounds like you are more attracted to women than men. Perhaps you might revisit those dating sites but change your profile to looking for women and cruise the women profiles.

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  • Yes, I had a woman I really loved. We worked together and we finally dated after we talked some. It was good and it lasted only about 4 months, however her husband had some issues with her and I. It took me probably 8 years to actually finally get past her. I wanted to be with her so bad, but like you said "it wasn't meant to be". I just had to move on.it was hard, but I still have hope that at some point I can meet a woman that I can and will love as much or more. I think that when we fixate on something that was really important to us, we have such a hard time letting go of what was, and we have hopes of what could be. In the end, you have to find other things in life to focus on and when you are not looking for or trying to hard, you may be surprised at who you could meet. You are still young, you have a long time to find your "one". Don't give up hope, and focus on yourself, your education, and your career. It will happen all in due time. I like to think the Lord has a plan for us all.

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