I bottle up my feelings and never rely on anyone?

When I'm having a rough time I don't tell anyone and just hide it away. If I feel depressed I convince myself it's nothing and I keep it to myself. I feel if I could let people in my life more, maybe I could get the help I need? I prefer to fight this battle alone. Is this normal?

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  • Start unloading on IIN. Trust me this is a safe place to unload your demons. Some people here LIVE to sort out other peoples problems.

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  • I shared my feeling and thought to many and every time I got stabbed in the back, taken advantage of and used. Dont trust anyone,

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  • Only tell people you're really close to like family because if you start overloading friends with it they are possibly gonna think you are being depressing to them and start talkin to you less. Immediately family is usually good.

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