I ate like 20 packets of those plastic moisture pellets

I got a 24-bag box of chinese rice crackers for Christmas and been eating them the last week and saw white dots in my poo... are those pellets dangerous or will I just poop them out? i just found out i wasnt supposed to eat them

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  • donteatsilicageloffthesidewalk

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  • Sounds like bullshit, smells like bullshit...

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  • Silica desiccant is quartz that's been treated to create microscopic holes that attract and retain water molecules. It's non-toxic and indigestible, so it just goes straight through the digestive tract unchanged and without doing any harm.

    I've never seen loose desiccant pellets in a bag of food. Every time I've ever encountered them they've been in a little packet labelled "Do not eat" or something similar. That warning is there because the packets are a choking hazard and there's some risk of them causing an intestinal blockage, but this only really applies to young children. It's not the contents that are the hazard, but rather the paper or non-woven fabric of the packet itself.

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  • Pretty sure if they just passed through your digestive system there should be no lasting effects. If there was you would of felt it beforehand.

    Hopefully your body didnt recognize it as food and just didnt digest/absorb it.

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