I am the only real one out of my friends

I basically put my whole heart into any relationship that I have in my life, whether it's romantic or a friendship. I get my feelings hurt so bad because anyone that I meet ends up being really fake like sending me a lot of subliminal messages or talking about me. Is it normal to feel like I'm the only nice person left, and that I'm always outcasted and talked about in my friend groups? Where do I find true friends?

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  • Positive vibes only, even if that means it's only coming from you. Don't associate with anything less. But before you leave the negativity behind try and better those around you and help them see how much better life is if you show compassion.
    Hopefully you never change, the worst thing you can do to this world is say "fuck it" and become selfish to avoid hurt. You don't even want one more nasty person in this world, so don't be the next addition.
    Basically just be proud of yourself and hope and have faith in the idea that others will be influenced by your attitude in the long run if you just persist at it. Be the light in this darkness.

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  • You sound paranoid.

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  • you sound like a bitch

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