I always liked sports but i can never play it, iin

Since Year 11 I played football, but ever since screwed things up and here I am. I can't play it and I'm ashamed. Looking back I'm a screw up.

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  • I think you are looking at things wrong.

    Your past is not changeable... however, you can change how you live your future; and not all doors are closed.

    It might actually be true that you cannot effectively play football. But, there are other opportunities to participate in football.

    I had the dream of being in the Olympics as a kid. My best sport was long distance running... and I figured I would make the attempt at the national team during college.

    While in the US Navy I had an injury that affected a knee... and my long distance running days ended (as did many other things as my knee can not handle a lot of repetitive motion: This was the days before modern video probe microsurgery - and they had to flay the whole knee open to operate - and they never fully recovered).

    One day while walking with a very painful knee I stumbled on a whitewater canoe/kayak race... and there was a guy with a withered locked polio leg "humping" a kayak up the course and the talk was he was the national champion...

    I only had a sore knee.. and I grew up canoeing. So it was something I could do.

    I was a broke college student who could not afford even a used kayak and equipment... but, I could start helping out at the races...

    After college when I could buy the equipment and start paddling and learning... it became apparent that I was a long long way from qualifying for the national team. But, I was considered a good judge.

    I went to the Olympics as an Official,and also judged 2 world championships. I also trained the next generation of judges in that sport who attended the next several Olympics and a series of World Championships... I was considered one of the best for several decades.

    There's more than one way to skin a cat... and you can be involved in athletics in a big way if you want too...

    I wish you well with this,

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  • Yeah. Being a girl sucks.

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  • Physics and Me have the same relationship.I love Physics but She's not interested in me

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  • I'm sure you'll keep trying.

    Keep trying and I promise you you'll be great out there.

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  • Yeah, it's totally okay dude:)

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