I always get random chinese calls?

I'm very wary of who I give my phone number to but somehow I'm getting multiple calls from Chinese bot scammers? WTF!!!

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  • I accidentally voted no, but it's unfortunately very usual to get scam calls from multiple different countries! Not sure I've had one from China (that I know of), but I've had them from places like India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and of course, my home country of the USA. I try not to answer calls from unfamiliar numbers that look like they are from out of state or out of the country for this reason, and I figure if it's legitimate and important, they'll leave a message. Unfortunately, if you answer one, you start getting bombarded with them, along with texts.

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  • There's a chance that it might be the Wangiri scam where you get missed calls from international phone numbers.

    One time I got a missed phone call from someone from Italy but I don't know anyone from that country sadly.

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  • I thought that this was something Indians did.

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  • Did the conversation go like this?


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  • order me some kung pao chicken

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  • A lot of people get calls and texts from bots and scammers.

    I no longer answer my phone unless I recognize the name or number, or am expecting a specific phone call from a specific area (Example: when my mother went in the hospital I knew I would get a call from the hospital with a 608 area code number as I was the medical decision maker).

    I also normally keep my cell phone ringer "off". I just check my phone for messages periodically; and call back when appropriate.

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  • Have you signed up for any memberships, rewards points programs, or credit cards in the past? Some sell your phone and email info and you wind up with annoying phone calls and spam in your inbox. Oftentimes they don't even look over who they're selling it to either, so schemers are in the mix trying to scheme.

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